Eva Cassidy -《Method Actor》(演技派演员)[FLAC]

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◇ 听到前奏的时候,我以为我正在听的是Joan Jett而非Eva Cassidy。很难想象吧,我们的民谣女诗人也曾经rock n' roll过。虽然Method Actor只是Eva单飞发展之前尚未形成成熟风格的作品,但对于喜爱她的人来说,却也足以借此怀念她已然远逝的灵魂。
Method Actor is to Eva Cassidy's oeuvre what Get That Feeling is to Jimi Hendrix's index of recordings. Never heard of Get That Feeling? Most Hendrix fans haven't either-nor did Hendrix, for that matter. As with Hendrix, Cassidy's posthumous success has inspired a good deal of digging around for vault material. Method Actor originally came out on vinyl in 1988. The work of pedestrian lite rockers, the 10-song set captures Cassidy in the very early stages of a career than would be cut short a mere eight years later. Occasionally the singer's nascent interpretive skills shine through. The sweeping "Look into My Eyes" benefits from Cassidy's soaring vocal. More often then not, however, this is the work of journeymen who happened to cross paths with a star in the making. Completists will find bits and pieces of these first-time-on-CD recordings of interest (the cover art consists of drawings by the singer), but Cassidy enthusiasts will find this sound foreign to the Cassidy they know and love, and will move on, as she did. ~ Steven Stolder
引用Before the late Eva Cassidy pursued a solo career, she was the lead singer for Method Actors -- an obscure Washington D.C.-based pop/rock outfit that producer/songwriter/guitarist David Christopher founded in 1987. Commercially, Method Actors didn't get very far, and the little-known band provided only one album during its three-year existence. This self-titled effort, in fact, had very limited distribution when Christopher released it on vinyl and cassette in 1988; a mere 2,000 copies were manufactured. And after Cassidy's death from cancer in 1996, Method Actors' LP/cassette became a collector's item -- hard-to-find copies were selling for as much as 500 dollars on the e-bay website. But in 2002, this album became much easier to obtain when Q&W Music Group reissued it on CD and added two 1989 recordings as bonus tracks ("The Waiting Is Over" and "Little Children"). Those who know Cassidy for her rootsier solo efforts of the '90s might be surprised to learn that a slicker approach prevails on Method Actors' album, but slick doesn't necessarily mean unfeeling or without substance -- and Cassidy's soulfulness comes through on songs (all of which Christopher wrote or co-wrote) that range from the melancholy "Stay" to the sentimental ballad "Forever." The CD's most rootsy offering is the blues-rock number "Getting Out"; this is the track that has the most in common with Cassidy's '90s solo work. Is Method Actors' album in a class with Cassidy's best solo projects? No; when these recordings were made in 1987, 1988, and 1989, the singer's best performances were yet to come. Nonetheless, all of the material is pleasing and enjoyable, and Cassidy's hardcore fans will find that these recordings have a great deal of historic value. ~ Alex Henderson
This album was previously only available on vinyl, first time on CD. Front cover contains original illustrations drawn by Eva Cassidy. 2002.
Tom Copeland, Marc Izzi (horns); Ned Judy (keyboards); Kenn Torb Fiester (bass); Jim Campbell (drums).
Recorded at Black Pond Studios, Rockville, Maryland. Includes liner notes by David Christopher.
Personnel: Eva Cassidy (vocals); Bob Fiester (guitar); David Christophere (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards); Jimmy Campbell (drums).
Liner Note Author: David Christophere.
Recording information: Black Pond Studios.
Personnel: Eva Cassidy (vocals); David Christopher (acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards); Robert Fiester (guitar); Tom Prasado Rao (violin);
        01. Getting Out
02. Look In To My Eyes
03. When It's Too Late
04. Laugh With Me
05. Stay
06. Little Children
07. Forever
08. End The Rain
09. How Will It End
10. The Waiting Is Over        
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