群星合集 [补]群星 - 一人一首成名曲 8CD全集[iTunes Plus AAC][百度云]

年份: 2000
风格: Pop


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1-01 生命之曲(Song of the Life).m4a
1-02 不装饰你的梦(Won't Decorate Your Dream).m4a
1-03 顺流,逆流(Upstream and Downstream).m4a
1-04 在我生命里(In My Life).m4a
1-05 浪子心声(Rascal Heart).m4a
1-06 亲密爱人(Intimate Lover).m4a
1-07 摘下满天星(Pick All the Stars).m4a
1-08 我爱你一天(I Love You for One Day).m4a
1-09 上海滩(Shanghai Tan).m4a
1-10 随缘(Let It Be).m4a
1-11 万水千山总是情(Love and Passion).m4a
1-12 天长地久(Enduring as the Universe).m4a
1-13 一天一点爱恋(Everyday I Love You A Little More).m4a
1-14 秋来秋去(The Autumn Come and Go).m4a
1-15 让一切随风(Let It All Gone with the Wind).m4a
1-16 石头记(Stone from Heaven).m4a
1-17 是缘是债是场梦(Is That Debt or Dream).m4a
1-18 缘分的天空(Sky of Destiny).m4a
1-19 千载不变(Thousand Years Unchanged).m4a
1-20 现代爱情故事(Modern Love Story).m4a
2-01 爱在深秋(Love in the Late Autumn).m4a
2-02 堆积情感(Accumulation of Emotions).m4a
2-03 遥远的她(She's So Far Away).m4a
2-04 千千阙歌(Thousands of Songs).m4a
2-05 偏偏喜欢你(Just Like You).m4a
2-06 爱上一个不回家的人(In Love with a Man Never Go Home).m4a
2-07 一生不变(Won't Change in My Lifetime).m4a
2-08 一起走过的日子(The Days We Passed Together).m4a
2-09 难得有情人(Happy Are Those in Love).m4a
2-10 风继续吹(Wind Blows On).m4a
2-11 伤感的恋人(Sad Lovers).m4a
2-12 一人有一个梦想(Everyone Love Is Continuous).m4a
2-13 真的爱你(Really Love You).m4a
2-14 全人类高歌(Singing All Mankind).m4a
2-15 失恋(Lovelorn).m4a
2-16 痴心换情深(Infatuation for Deep Love).m4a
2-17 再见也是朋友(We'll Still Be Friends When Meet Again).m4a
2-18 我和春天有个约会(I Have a Date with Spring).m4a
2-19 今夜你会不会来(Will You Come to Me Tonight).m4a
2-20 我是不是该安静的走开(Should I Leave Quietly).m4a
3-01 驿动的心(Moving Heart).m4a
3-02 我是不是你最疼爱的人(Am I Your Favourite).m4a
3-03 你知道我在等你吗(Do You Know That I'm Waiting for You).m4a
3-04 哭砂(Crying for Love).m4a
3-05 一场游戏一场梦(One Game One Dream).m4a
3-06 橄榄树(Olive Tree).m4a
3-07 把悲伤留给自己(Sadness Is Left for Myself).m4a
3-08 梦醒时分(Awakening).m4a
3-09 明天是否还是爱我(Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow).m4a
3-10 你看你看月亮的脸(Look at the Face of the Moon).m4a
3-11 不是我不小心(It_s Not Because of My Carelessness).m4a
3-12 我想有个家(I Want a Home).m4a
3-13 我要得不多(I Don't Want Too Much).m4a
3-14 爱情故事(Love Story).m4a
3-15 最远的你是我最近的爱(The Faraway You Are My Nearest Love).m4a
3-16 想你的时候(When I Miss You).m4a
3-17 大约在冬季(Maybe in Winter).m4a
3-18 一样的月亮(The Same Moon).m4a
3-19 我的未来不是梦(My Future Is Not Only Dream).m4a
4-01 爱的代价(The Price of Love).m4a
4-02 只要你过得比我好(Only Want You to Live a Better Life Than Me).m4a
4-03 别问我是谁(Don't Ask Who I Am).m4a
4-04 特别的爱给特别的你(A Special Love for a Special You).m4a
4-05 漂洋过海来看你(Across the Oceans to See You).m4a
4-06 让我一次爱个够(Let Me Have Enough Love at Once).m4a
4-07 我用自己的方式爱你(I Love You in My Own Way).m4a
4-08 999朵玫瑰(999 Roses).m4a
4-09 出嫁(On the Wedding Day).m4a
4-10 我很丑, 可是我很温柔(I'm Ugly but Very Gentle).m4a
4-11 风中的承诺(Promise in the Wind).m4a
4-12 李翊君(E-Jun Lee).m4a
4-13 黄色的月亮(Yellow Moon).m4a
4-14 让我欢喜让我忧(You Makes Me Sometimes Happy Sometimes Sad).m4a
4-15 爱我的人和我爱的人(The People Love Me and the Ones I Love).m4a
4-16 寂寞难耐(Unbearable Loneliness).m4a
5-01 伤痕(Scar).m4a
5-02 你怎么舍得我难过(How Could You Make Me Sad).m4a
5-03 味道(Taste).m4a
5-04 用心良苦(With Too Much Care).m4a
5-05 为爱疯狂(Crazy for Love).m4a
5-06 望天(Look at the Sky).m4a
5-07 一见钟情(Fall in Love in the First Glance).m4a
5-08 浪人情歌(Ronin Love Song).m4a
5-09 新不了情(New Endless Love).m4a
5-10 那一场风花雪月的故事(That Love Affair).m4a
5-11 为爱犯了罪(Committed a Crime for Love).m4a
5-12 为情所困(Trapped by Love).m4a
5-13 囚鸟(Jail Bird).m4a
5-14 爱我的人和我爱的人(The People Love Me and the Ones I Love).m4a
5-15 城里的月光(Moonlight in the Town).m4a
5-16 认错(Admit).m4a
5-17 独角戏(Monologue).m4a
5-18 爱如潮水(Love Is Like a Tide).m4a
5-19 他不爱我(He Don't Love Me).m4a
6-01 有多少爱可以重来(How Much Love Can Be Repeated).m4a
6-02 原来你什么都不要(So You Don't Need Nothing at All).m4a
6-03 你把我灌醉(You Made Me Drunk).m4a
6-04 相见恨晚(We Should Meet Much Earlier).m4a
6-05 无情的情书(Ruthless Love Letter).m4a
6-06 值得(It's Worthy).m4a
6-07 爱一个人好难(It's So Difficult to Love Someone).m4a
6-08 河流(River).m4a
6-09 无心伤害(Unintentional Hurt).m4a
6-10 约定(Promise).m4a
6-11 蒙娜丽莎的眼泪(Mona Lisa's Tears).m4a
6-12 征服(Conquered).m4a
6-13 三万英尺(30,000 Feet).m4a
6-14 记事本(Notebook).m4a
6-15 陈慧琳(Kelly Chen).m4a
6-16 短发(Short Hair).m4a
6-17 你的眼睛背叛你的心(Your Eyes Betrayed Your Heart).m4a
6-18 回家(Get Back).m4a
7-01 至少还有你(At Least I've Got You by My Side).m4a
7-02 单身情歌(Single Love Song).m4a
7-03 我可以抱你吗(Can I Hold You in My Arms).m4a
7-04 情人(Lover).m4a
7-05 盛夏的果实(Gains of Midsummer).m4a
7-06 海浪(Waves).m4a
7-07 记事本(Notebook).m4a
7-08 下沙(Sand of Gloomy Love).m4a
7-09 太委屈(Too Grievous).m4a
7-10 伤心1999(Heartbreaking 1999).m4a
7-11 星语心愿(Wishes Upon the Stars).m4a
7-12 冷酷到底(Be Cool Till the End).m4a
7-13 天黑黑(It's So Dark).m4a
7-14 我这个你不爱的人(I'm the One You Don't Love).m4a
7-15 勇气(Bravery).m4a
7-16 你爱我像谁(What Kind of Role Do You Want Me to Play).m4a
7-17 我知道你很难过(I Know You're Sad).m4a
7-18 流着泪的你的脸(Your Crying Face).m4a
8-01 你是我最深爱的人(You're My Best Love).m4a
8-02 值得一辈子去爱(Worthy of a Lifetime Love).m4a
8-03 第一次(The First Time).m4a
8-04 你要的爱(The Love You Want).m4a
8-05 疼你的责任(Responsible of Take Care of You).m4a
8-06 暖昧(Ambiguous).m4a
8-07 情非得已(Just Can't Help Falling in Love).m4a
8-08 恋人未满(Not Enough to Become Lovers).m4a
8-09 唯一(The One and Only).m4a
8-10 月亮偷着哭(The Moon Is Crying Secretly).m4a
8-11 黄昏(Dusk).m4a
8-12 我一直站在被你伤害的地方(I Always Stand by the Place Where You Hurt Me).m4a
8-13 北门星(North Gate Star).m4a
8-14 无所谓(I Don't Care).m4a
8-15 一千零一个愿望(1,001 Wishes).m4a
8-16 天黑(It's Getting Dark).m4a
8-17 一笑而过(Laugh It Off).m4a
8-18 痴心绝对(Absolutely Infatuated).m4a


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