VA - Welcome to NativeDSD Sampler 2019 [DSD256 DSF]

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声道: 双声道(Stereo) 
We are happy to see you here and hope you will discover the new higher quality of sound, acoustics and listening pleasure from music in DSD (Direct Stream Digital). At the NativeDSD Music store you will find albums in DSD from over 70 music labels (and counting!) that bring you as close to the original performance as possible.

This Welcome to NativeDSD Sampler Album offers a chance to discover what’s possible with music available in DSD. You can find links and information on the full albums that these Stereo DSD sample tracks are taken from in the booklet. Certain tracks are excepts of the full track, available on the original album.

The Tracks on this DSD Sampler were originally recorded in Stereo DSD 256 or DXD, or were transferred from Analog Tape to DSD 256. This Sampler Album is therefore available in all 3 rates, too, since we created the lower DSD rates 128 and 64 as well. When you visit the NativeDSD Music store, you can purchase the full albums shown in Stereo DSD – and in most cases as original Multichannel (5.0) DSD mixes as well.

– Jared & Jonas Sacks | Co-founders of NativeDSD Music
  1. Introduction and classics choices
  2. Symphony no. 5 - allegro con Brio excerpt
  3. Etude in F major op. 10 - excerpt
  4. String Quartet no. 2 in a minor - Intermezzo - excerpt
  5. Symphony no. 5 in D minor - allegretto - excerpt
  6. En Silencio - La Catedral - Preludio - Excerpts
  7. Suite NO. 1 - Prelude - excerpt
  8. Music for Two - Fragments by Shelley
  9. Hijz Improvisation - excerpt
  10. Symphony no. 3 Langsam - excerpt
  11. Introduction to Pop - Jazz - Rock Tracks
  12. A fool for you - excerpt
  13. Counting Frogs - excerpt
  14. The Impossible Sum - excerpt
  15. Firefly - excerpt
  16. Short People
  17. The Sweetest Sounds
  18. Introduction to Historic Jazz Recordings
  19. The Man I love
  20. Take the A train - excerpt
  21. You're Gonna Hear from Me - excerpt
  22. Mack the Knife
  23. Closing remarks
  24. Winter - Largo


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