Roberta Mameli - Anime Amanti (Monteverdi, Caccini, Strozzi, Merula...) 2017 [24bit 192khz FLAC]

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声道: 双声道(Stereo) 
A voice, a lute, a sigh. Nothing could be simpler and more immemorial. This expression of sentiments and emotions, of the intermittencies of the heart and the shadows of the soul, is of course as old as the world. Yet it was truly a reconquest of the Renaissance. With Caccini, the ‘new music’ at once found a miraculous melodist. He composed a Euridice, performed in 1602, two years after Jacopo Peri’s setting and five years before Monteverdi’s Orfeo. The Renaissance did not know opera, but long secreted that genre soon to be born. And it is brand-new opera that opens and closes this recording, through the voice of its first visionary, Claudio Monteverdi. His Lamento d’Arianna, the centrepiece of a lost work, expresses sorrow, regrets, revolt through the very music of the Italian language, here brought to white heat. The ‘new music’ spread throughout Italy: Merula in Cremona, Falconieri in Naples, and Barbara Strozzi, the most famous woman composer of the age, in Venice. The Italian soprano Roberta Mameli is a great lover of this music, which she performs with an outstanding feeling for words and drama. Luca Pianca offers her his artistry and his great experience. © Alpha Classics
01 - Il lamento di Arianna, SV 22                          
02 - No. 3 Dolcissimo sospiro                              
03 - No. 14 L'Eraclito amoroso                             
04 - No. 2 Voi ch’ascoltate in rime sparse il suono, SV 253
05 - Toccatta (Improvisation)                              
06 - Allemanda la villega                                 
07 - No. 22 Aria nona. Belle rose porporine               
08 - No. 11 Dovrò dunque morire                           
09 - No. 15 La bella man vi stringo                        
10 - Ohimè ch'io cado, SV 316                              
11 - Vorrei baciarti, o filli                              
12 - Ricercata                                             
13 - Lamento di Didone                                    
14 - IV. Ecco di dolci raggi il sol armato, SV 249         
15 - La soave melodia                                      
16 - Corrente                                             
17 - No. 8 Amarilli, mia bella                             
18 - Folle è bien che si crede                             
19 - Ma che _ Squallido e oscuro                           
20 - Addio, Roma !                                         


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