Forestare - Forestare remastered in Dxd-dsd 2021 [DSD256 DSF]

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声道: 双声道(Stereo) 
This unusual ensemble of 12 guitars, 2 double basses and the occasional percussion offers a fresh, 21st century glance at the baroque era. Forestare’s more modern guitar arrangement gives a new perspective to this traditional music which is normally played by small string chamber ensembles with the occasional wind instruments. The energy emanating from the players make this a captivating introduction to the classical genre in a contemporary way, without betraying the authenticity of these timeless compositions.

The audiophile DXD recording took place at the Saint Augustin Church in Mirabel, Canada, which is known for its fine acoustics.

‘’The best guitar ensemble of the moment’’
- Oscar Ohlsen, founder, Chili’s Radio Beethoven, ‘Guitarra’ program

“Forestare Baroque - 2XHD… an innovation that’s truly out of the ordinary, appealing to all Baroque and guitar enthusiasts.”
- Journal de Montreal

Technical Information

The 2xHD Fusion Mastering System: In the constant evolution of its proprietary mastering process, 2xHD has progressed to a new phase called 2xHD FUSION, integrating the finest analog, with state-of-the-art digital technology.

The mastering chain consists of a selection of high-end vacuum tube equipment. For the recordings on this album, the original DXD master was played on a Nagra HD DAC X high-end tube playback converter, wired with OCC silver cables to the 2xHD analog mastering electronic tube system permitting 2xHD FUSION to obtain a better resolution and 3D imaging.

The resulting signal is then transferred back into high resolution formats by recording it in DXD using a custom 2xHD Technologies A to D converter. All analog and digital cables that are used are state of the art Siltech. The 2xHD FUSION mastering system is powered by a super capacitor power supply, using a new technology that lowers the digital noise found in the lowest level of the spectrum.
01 - J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concerto no 3 Bwv 1048 I. Allegro Moderato
02 - Ii. Adagio                                                      
03 - Iii. Allegro                                                   
04 - J.S. Bach Fantasia Super Komm, heiliger geist Bwv 651           
05 - Vivaldi Sonata no. 2, Op 1, Rv 63 la Folia arr David Pilon      
06 - Vivaldi Concerto no. 2 I. Adagio e Spiccato                     
07 - Ii. Allegro                                                     
08 - Iii. Larghetto                                                  
09 - Iv. Allegro                                                     
10 - J.B. Lully, Bourgeois gentilhomme I. Ouverture - Arr Dave Pilon
11 - Ii. Air - Arr David Ratelle                                    
12 - Iii. Canarie - Arr David Ratelle                                
13 - Iv. Marche pour la cérémonie der Turcs - Arr Dave Pilon         


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