Carmen Gomes Inc. - Up Jumped The Devil 2020 [DSD128 DSF]

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声道: 双声道(Stereo) 
More than playing parts, guitarist Folker Tettero and drummer Bert Kamsteeg are playing moods. I actually asked Bert to play the lyrics instead of the drums, a task I knew especially he would be able to fulfill. Throughout the album Folker is in constant dialogue with Carmen's melody line, sometimes edging her on and at other times comforting her. Folker decided to use an electric 12 string guitar on the small miniatures. The sounds he creates adds a whole new aspect to his musicianship and emphasizes his deep affinity for the blues. Carmen is at the top of her game here. Her 'never the same way twice' saxophone like phrasing showing her jazz heritage and why jazz is in such great debt to the blues. Love in Vain in particular being a good example.
1. Tunica 128fs-2ch                    
2. Hellhound On My Trail 128fs-2ch     
3. Rosedale 128fs-2ch                  
4. Up Jumped The Devil 128fs-2ch      
5. Dark Corner Cemetery 128fs-2ch      
6. Come On In My Kitchen 128fs-2ch     
7. Penton 128fs-2ch                    
8. When You Got A Good Friend 128fs-2ch
9. Robinsonville 128fs-2ch            
10. Ease The Pain 128fs-2ch            
11. Hazlehurst 128fs-2ch               
12. Love In Vain 128fs-2ch            
13. Clarksdale 61-49 128fs-2ch         
14. Stop Breaking Down 128fs-2ch      
15. Martinsville 128fs-2ch            


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