Caroll Vanwelden - Sings Shakespears Sonnets 2018 [24bit 96khz FLAC]

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Belgium is not only the origin of delicious chocolate, but also of the charismatic singer and pianist Caroll Vanwelden. With her unique Jazz 'N' Arts debut with the 'Shakespeare Sonnets' , she majestically conquers new territory supported by her congenial musicians Thomas Siffling (trumpet,flgh), Markus Faller (drums, perc) and Mini Schulz (double bass). She combines Shakespeare′s sonnets with her own compositions to a ground breaking, fresh and emotional jazzy sound. The amazing intensity of the composition elevates Shakespeare′s words to a new dimension. Caroll Vanwelden′s voice transmits accuracy and comfort with an astonishing gift to always create the appropriate ambiance.

The artist presents each of the selected sonnets in an exceptional setting: at times forceful, intense, driven, at times, relaxed, mellow, smooth, then again vibrant and vigorous or cheerful and even a little bit sly. The golden thread of the album called 'Caroll Vanwelden Sings Shakespeare Sonnets' is the well-balanced arrangement of all sixteen sonnets.

Caroll Vanwelden, a graduate of the famous London Guildhall School of Music and Drama - with illustrious graduates such as Orlando Bloom, Daniel Graig and Dave Holland - is accompanied by a great band with the skill to play music that combines unparalleled transparency with plasticity.

With this album she propels the great Shakespeare unexpectedly into the world of big jazz librettists and interprets his lyrics into contemporary music in wonderful arrangements.
1Sweet Love03:51
2Two Loves04:39
3The Marriage of True Minds04:00
4How can I then Return in Happy Plight05:01
5When I do Count the Clock04:08
6Those Hours04:45
7Some Glory03:00
8Not from the Stars01:51
9Look in thy Glass03:40
10Who will Believe03:26
11So shall I live Supposing02:54
12Weary with Toil03:55
13What is your Substance01:59
14O, that You were Yourself02:59
15As an Unperfect Actor04:05
16Forty Winters03:24


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