Caroll Vanwelden - Shakespeare Sonnets 2 2014 [24bit 96khz FLAC]

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Curtain raised - Presenting Shakespeare Reloaded! Two years ago, newly discovered in Germany, the outstanding Belgian singer Caroll Vanwelden catapulted herself into the limelight amid much celebration and acclaim. “As a singer, pianist and perhaps most importantly as a composer she shows both original and new ways to entrance music lovers ”, enthused Mauretta Heinzelmann, “Transposing Shakespeare with minimal repetition while at the same time using complicated time changes”, the exceptional CD released in 2012 was chosen as “Album of the week” by the North German broadcasting company. Not less impressed was Thomas Hintze of Stereo, who saw in “Caroll Vanwelden Sings Shakespeare Sonnets” a project that “had the potency to be CD of the year”. As a result Stereo awarded it the commendation of 'CD and Audiophile Highlight of the Month'. So it's obvious that the chapter between Shakespeare and Vanwelden's not closed yet.

With “Caroll Vanwelden Sings Shakespeare Sonnets 2” the graduate of the London Guildhall School of Music and Drama presents an emotional, rich and lively collection from her “seemingly endless supply of creativity.” (NDR) Together with her congenial musicians: Thomas Siffling, whose elegant melodies on the trumpet and flugelhorn intertwine with Caroll’s expressive and emotionally charged voice, fellow musician Mini Schulz, smoothly stroking or groovy plucking on the contrabass for added texture, and new band member Rodrigo Villalon accenting the flexible rhythms with the drums and various percussion instruments, Caroll Vanwelden has once again produced a rich tapestry for jazz lovers around the world.
1Let those who are in favour04:08
2If my dear Love03:16
3Since Brass nor Stone06:04
4O From what Power04:20
5When in the chronical02:52
6So is it not with me04:09
7I never saw that you did painting need03:36
8How oft when thou my music04:40
9Betwixt mine eye02:18
10Those Lips that Loves own Hands03:30
11Those Lines03:35
12O Call not me to justify04:17
13Thy Gift, thy Tables03:32
14Against that Time03:18
15The little Love God03:11
16My love02:49


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