Pilhofer Jazz Quartet - Full Circle 2020 [DSD DSF]

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声道: 双声道(Stereo) 
Since coming from Germany in the mid 1950s, Herb Pilhofer has spent much of the past 45 years as a successful commercial musician in Minneapolis, working as a hired gun in recording studios and at the Guthrie Theater. In recent years, though, he’s had the itch to get back to the creative improvising that inspired him as young man, so he’s returned to his roots with Full Circle.

A while back, I began to spend some time playing my Bosendorfer piano. Like I used to do in the days when and performing gave meaning to my life. And I knew what l had to do. I got rid of all the hi-tech stuff, started to work on some new music and formed the Pilhofer Jazz Quartet.

Now I am discovering absolute joy in making the music that I love to make as well as the privilege of playing with talents like Steve Yeager (Vibes), Gordy Johnson (Bass), and my talented son, Michael Pilhofer, (Drums). It’s all priceless!

I am forever grateful to Tom Jung, my former partner and friend, who encouraged me to do this album. For as long as I’ve known Tom, he has always been on a quest “for that perfect sound.” Lucky for the Pilhofer Jazz Quartet, he is still chasing that rainbow.

He recorded Full Circle in the best possible, most natural way, with the revolutionary, Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording system. Recorded live, there are no overdubs and no tricks. Yes, you’ll hear an occasional clinker.  You’ll hear us breathe, even groans, but I hope that you will also hear us “smile!”

When I heard the first playback, I smiled because I realized “I was home”. In a very peculiar and fortuitous way. It seemed that actually two dimensions, the music and the sound had come full circle.

So here then is our very direct, no frills, Full Circle album! Very much from the heart…

– Herb Pilhofer
01. Full Circle                    
02. After You've Gone              
03. Sorta Rondo                    
04. Yesterdays                     
05. Swedisch Pastry               
06. There Will Never Be Another You
07. Gymnopedie #1                  
08. Bernie's Tune                  
09. I'll Take A Romace            
10. Bach's Lunch                  
11. Bodas De Sanque               
12. Nicollet Avenue Breakdown      


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