Bob Mintzer Big Band - Gently 2020 [DSD DSF]

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声道: 双声道(Stereo) 
Following a Grammy Award for Best Large Jazz Ensemble with the Stereo and Multichannel DSD recording of Homage to Count Basie (also available from NativeDSD), Bob Mintzer lays down a totally new attitude for his big band comprised of New York’s finest musicians.

Gently is yet another big band project that will turn some heads with a sound and approach that is virtually nonexistent today in the jazz world. Gently addresses the quieter side of big band music. Granted to find the words “quiet” and “big band” in the same sentence is unheard of. But the softer, more textured “cool burn” concept in this music proves otherwise. Clarinets and flutes have replaced saxophones on several of the tunes, while the brass make use of mutes on most of the songs.

Tom Jung has been after me to do a soft and more textural big band recording for many years. After working with Tom for 18 years I finally figured out what he was getting at.

I’m a bit of a slow learner at times. I think also I’ve reached a point in my life where I can appreciate the subtly factor in music and in life, where -I would just as soon be gently caressed rather than smacked with a large stick.

Gently is exactly what the title suggests: a gentle approach to the big band instrumentation, using clarinets and flutes in place of saxophones, muted brass, the addition of french horns on two numbers, and writing for the band in a range and style which projects a soothing, warm sound.

This is not to say that there isn’t intensity in the music. What I’ve discovered is that when music is played softly it sounds more intense and projects with a greater clarity and energy. The band actually sounds louder when it plays softer.

Couple this softer approach with Tom Jung’s cutting edge DSD recording prowess, and you have a recording that envelops the listener in such a way that it feels like you are sitting in the middle of the band, and wanting to do so. Every time I listen to this recording, I marvel at how it soothes rather than irritates.

The other major determining factor in the sound of Gently is the high level of teamwork and musicianship in the band These guys know how to be on the team, and blend with an amazing amount of sensitivity and insight. It is easy to play loud, yet much more difficult to play softly with the cognizance of where your notes go in the greater picture.
01. Gently              
02. Timeless            
03. Original People     
04. Body And Soul      
05. Who's Walkin' Who   
06. Don't Ever Leave Me
07. Bright Lights      
08. Saxophone Quartet #2


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“温柔”是另一个大型乐队项目,它将以一种今天在爵士界几乎不存在的声音和方法吸引一些人的注意。温和地处理大乐队音乐中较安静的一面。当然,在同一句话中发现“安静”和“大乐队”这两个词是闻所未闻的。但这首歌中更柔和、更有质感的“cool burn”概念却证明了相反的情况。在一些曲调中单簧管和长笛取代了萨克斯管,而铜管在大多数歌曲中使用了哑音。

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