Riccardo Chailly - Mahler: Symphony No. 9 2004 [DST SACD ISO]

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Mahler's 9th has always and will remain, one of my favorite symphonies. Like the Tchaikovsky Pathetique (No. 6), it has two slow movements and two dance like movements with extremely inspired music. The classical music world has been blessed with numerous great recordings of the 9th starting with Bruno Walter/Vienna Philharmonic and his later version with the Columbia Symphony. Later, Columbia (now Sony Classical) would record Leonard Bernstein in another classic version. Bernstein and Walter were legendary Mahler conductors but there were many others, way too many to list. Safe to say, the Mahler 9th brings out the best in both conductors and orchestras.

Around the same time as the Columbia Bruno Walter and what would be the first of three Bernstein recordings, Georg Solti recorded the 9th with the London Symphony Orchestra and hear it is. It first came out on LP and then I believe it later came out in a 2 CD set with a rather high price. Now it has been made available again but this time as a single CD budget reissue. It is a magnificent recording with extremely inspired playing and without any mannerisms. If you are in the market for another 9th or you just like Solti, this is a great bargain.

I would not wait too long because budget recordings seem to have a very short life and then classic recordings like this one become very expensive. I feel very lucky that Decca decided to reissue this.
Tracklist 1
1. 1. Satz (Original Version)
Tracklist 2
1. 2. Satz (Original Version)
2. 3. Satz (Original Version)
3. 4. Satz (Original Version)


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