恐怖海峡乐队《情比金坚》Dire Straits - Love Over Gold
这是著名发烧唱片公司MFSL压片,2019年才新推出的UHR SACD!音质烧到不知人间何世~烧爆了!

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专辑英文名: Love Over Gold
专辑中文名: 情比金坚
歌手: Dire Straits
发行时间: 1982年
地区: 英国
语言: 英语


伟大时代的伟大乐队——淹没在充满商业味道的流行音乐洪流之中,我们不禁怀念那个精品不绝,大师云集的年代。Eirc Clepton,Sting,Queen…还有艺术摇滚的传奇乐队——DIRE STRAITS。

在这个世界上有些事情真的是不可预期的。比如DIRE STRAITS(恐怖海峡)乐队!

DIRE STRAITS在他的职业生涯中是不断成功的,这一点得到了公认,即使是那些自称不喜欢他们的批评家们也不得不这么说。从乐队组建起,DIRE STRAITS就开始缔造一个非凡的传奇。1977年,在伦敦的酒吧和俱乐部里演出的新生乐队中,DIRE STRAITS虽说还是默默无闻的,但是,在当时朋克之风狂野的席卷欧洲大陆的时候,DIRE STRAITS毫无保留的表达了他们对自己音乐的热爱。那是有点乡村,有点布鲁斯,还没离谱到充满愤怒歇斯底里的大喊大叫。那里有Bob Dylan的影子,还有一些Celtic Folk和Chet Atkins的痕迹。


他们无疑是出色的表演家。当同时代的其他乐队在公众面前带着令人失望的发行量匆匆而过,自生自灭的时候。DIRE STRAITS则意外地征服了全世界。他们的第一张专辑“DIRE STRAITS”虽然没花多少制作成本,也没有多强的宣传攻势,却在它发行的1978年里产生了令人意想不到的轰动。DIRE STRAITS席卷了欧洲,美洲和澳洲,征服了大量的听众。不止于此,在许多没有见到过他们的地方,人们已然在听他们的音乐了。

DIRE STRAITS的乐手们不仅技艺高超,而且配合得相当默契。Bob Dylan曾赞道,从个人来讲他们每个都是极具个性的乐手,但他们的音乐却像是出自一人

他们的音乐并不浮华。满是主唱Mark Knophler粗狂的嗓音和精制细造得Fender吉他银色他们的歌听起来新鲜而又绵长发音总是精准让人称奇。

DIRE STRAITS的音乐有着风趣的性格。例如,在他们可称是最成功的歌曲Money for Nothing中大唱纽约的电器商店的营销员对摇滚乐颇有微词,并对他们随意的的生活方式说三道四。而Mark Knophler作为他的另一个极端——抒情歌手,也有像So Far Away这样的倾诉离别之痛的传世精品。

他们的巅峰之作——Romeo&Juliet(出自DIRE STRAITS的第三张专辑“Making Movies”),一度成为人们耳熟能详的旋律(就像当年的“心太软”。不过明显要比后者经典的多了!)

在他们的6张专辑中,你能感觉到他们的音乐在不断改变着。继Making Movies之后,专辑中有了更多的空间和立体的音响效果。这在专辑Love Over Gold中的Private Investigations中毕露无疑。接下来的Brother in Arms,插入了去多安静的旋律,稀疏的音符中充斥着静谧的弱拍。时至今日,这张CD对于那一代听众以致后来人来说,还有一丝神秘在其中。但他们知道,令他们心驰神往的音乐定时这个无疑了。也许,就像Knophler所说的,普通人有着高出想象的品位



1. Telegraph road
2. Private investigations
3. Industrial disease
4. Love over gold
5. It never rains

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andy2 2020-2-11 23:25:37

Dire Straits - Love Over Gold (Remastered) 1982/2019 [DSD SACD ISO]

Love Over Gold [cover front]-SMALL.jpg
Unsurpassed Spaciousness, Imaging, and Transparency: Mastered from the Original Tapes, Music Emerges with New Details and Tones

Love Over Gold is all about contrast, tension, and crafty composition. Dire Straits' fourth album finds the band continuing to evolve by welcoming increasingly bold arrangements and exploring moody variations. Parts edgy and sharp, and part seductive and relaxed, the five lengthy songs on Love Over Gold sprawl out like a long, winding road cutting through a pastoral landscape. The addition of a new rhythm guitarist, Hal Lindes, encourages deeper atmospheric interplay while the presence of engineer Neil Dorfsman – his first appearance in what would be a long string of collaborations with Mark Knopfler – ensures stunning sonic properties that now come to life like never before.

Mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity's hybrid SACD of Love Over Gold teems with superb balances, front-to-back soundstages, and crystalline purity. It brings forward previously obscured details, extra information, and mastering-studio-quality transients. The distinctive textures of a host of instruments – marimbas, acoustic and electric guitars, vibes, synthesizers – further enhance the ambitiousness of the 1982 album.

On this audiophile disc, everything Knopfler does seemingly turn to gold. Gearheads will hear the unique characteristics afforded by his use of a Mesa Boogie Mark II guitar amplifier (soon again employed on Brothers in Arms) and carefully chosen selection of Schecter Stratocasters, 1937 National steel guitar, and Ovation six- and twelve-string models. Reference-level separation and lifelike imaging place Knopfler and company in your room, while tube-like warmth, spaciousness, and airiness causes the music to breathe anew. This SACD will be in your rotation for months.

It doesn't take long to realize Love Over Gold is like no other Dire Straits album – and a staunch proclamation of independence from a band that continued to take longer creative strides with each successive project. Fearlessly extending over metaphoric hills, valleys, and plains for nearly 14-and-a-half minutes, the opening "Telegraph Road" is a guitar hero's dream and exhilarating showcase for Lindes' give-and-take capabilities. In tandem with keyboardist Alan Clark, Lindes provides the ideal foil for not only Knopfler but the long-time rhythm section of bassist John Illsley and drummer Pick Withers.

Taking its time to arrive at destinations, the quintet paints evocative musical and lyrical portraits steeped in patience, drama, and, often times, sadness. Desolate emotions color the sweeping "Telegraph Road" and barren "Private Investigations," which finds Knopfler in the role of a tired private eye contemplating the emptiness and scars of his profession. Vocally, the Dire Straits leader remains in top form throughout, his whiskey-coated rasp conveying romantic ache, ongoing frustration, and what Rolling Stone beautifully deemed "wracking schizophrenia between the heart and the heartless, the loving and the pain."
01.Telegraph Road 14:33
02.Private Investigations 06:54
03.Industrial Disease 05:55
04.Love Over Gold 06:21
05.It Never Rains 08:09


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Dire Straits - Love Over Gold (Remastered) 1982/2019
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