Jordi Savall & Andrew Lawrence King - The Celtic Viol 2 2010 [DST SACD ISO]

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"The Celtic Viol II"

Jordi Savall (treble and lyra viols)
Andrew Lawrence-King (Irish harp & psalterium)
Frank McGuire (traditional tunable bodhran)

The Celtic Viol Vol. 2 follows a critically acclaimed first volume, but is far from being merely its continuation. Thanks to the use of different types of viol (treble and lyra) and the particularly inspired rhythms coming from Frank McGuire on bodhran (an Irish frame drum), Jordi Savall enriches his vision of this fascinating repertoire. Andrew Lawrence-King again offers a perfect counterpoint on Irish harp and psaltery. The album is organized in seven sets that enable us to discover many sides of a repertoire Jordi Savall explores with the steadiest hand.
I. The Galway Set (D-minor, 440)
1. The Galway Bay Hornpipe Traditional Irish
2. The Rover Reformed John Playford (1718)
3. Lord Frog Dance John Walsh (1713)
& Buckingham House Traditional Irish

II. The Gold Ring Set (D major, 440)
4. The Hills of Lorne Charlie Hunter of Oban
5. Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston Jig Nathaniel Gow (1763-1831)
6. Mrs. Scott Skinner James Scott Skinner (1843-1927)
7. Alexander’s Hornspipe & Harvest Home Traditional Irish
8. The Gold Ring Jig Traditional Irish

III. The Abergeldie Castle Set (E-minor, 415)
9. Abergeldie Castle Strathspey Dan R. MacDonald (1911-1976)
10. Caribou Barren Dan R. MacDonald
11. Regents Rant Traditional Scottish
12. Crabs in the skillet Slow Jig Ryan’s Collection (Boston, 1883)
13. Lord Moira’s Hornpipe Ryan’s Collection (Boston, 1883)

IV. The Nathaniel Gow Set (A-minor, 440)
14. The Braes o’ Bushbie Slow march P. John Bowie, 1789
15. Nathaniel Gow’s Lament for the Death of his Brother Nathaniel Gow
16. Abigail Judge O’Carolan (1670-1738)
(O’Neill The Music of Ireland, Chicago, 1903)
17. Planxty O’Daly O’Carolan (O’Neill, Chicago, 1903)

V. The Lancashire Pipes Set (E Major / minor)
18. The Lancashire Pipes (E-major) Manchester Gamba Book
19. Pigges of Rumsey / Kate of Bardie (E-major) Manchester Gamba Book
20. The Cup of Tea (E-minor) Traditional Irish
21. A Toye (E-major) Manchester Gamba Book

VI. The Archibald MacDonald Set (D minor / major)
22. Planxty Sir Ulick Burke (D-minor) O’Carolan (O’Neill, Chicago, 1903)
23. The Sword Dance-New Stepny Slip Jig (D-minor) Traditional Irish
24. Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch (D-minor) Traditional Irish
25. Jimmy Holme’s Favorite – Reel (D-major) Ryan’s Collection (Boston, 1883)

VII. The Liverpool Set (D-major, 440)
26. Planxty Irwin O’Carolan (O’Neill, Chicago, 1903)
27. The Liverpool Hornpipe James Stewart Robertson
28. Peter’s Peerie Boat Jig Tom Anderson (1910-1991)

Jordi Savall - Andrew Lawrence-King - The Celtic Viol - La Viole Celtique - The Treble Viol 2009 [DST SACD ISO]

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