Bo Diddley - BO'S THE MAN! Bo Diddley Live On Tour 2006 [FLAC]

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  Bo's The Man showcases live material from his legendary 1984 European tour, featuring the seasoned UK ensemble Main Squeeze, comprising Eric Bell on guitar, Keith Tillman on bass, Dave Moore on keyboards, Dick Heckstall-Smith on saxophone and `Stretch' on drums. Bo and Main Squeeze are in fine form and these performances are tight and rockin' and the sound quality is superb. The set list covers Bo's music well, from the opener Bo Diddley through You Can't Judge A Book, Road Runner and Mona, the listener experiences a good clutch of Bo Diddley's unique rhythms. They audience are loving beings in the majestic court of Bo Diddley - The Originator.
  Also included in the set are three bonus studio tracks: Don't Know Where I've Been, a London 1982 session and Juke and Sad Hours from a 1967 Chicago session featuring an all-star blues band with Little Walter, Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy, amongst others.
Into/Bo Diddley Vamp
Doctor Jekyll
I Don't Know Where I've Been
You Can't Judge A Book
I'm A Man
Don't Know Where I 've Been [bonus track]
Juke [bonus track]
Sad Hours [bonus track]


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