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简介:美国发烧天书TAS弦乐四重奏 TAS SUPER SACD LIST Párkányí Quartet, Ravel, Debussy: String Quartets. .
Debussy: String Quartet in G minor Op. 10, Ravel: String Quartet in F

In The Dutch Music Magazine "Luister" you find the following review : A great release!

When the Orlando Quartet stopped playing in its original configuration it was one of the world's greatest
ensemble of those days. The Parkanyi Quartet started in 1998 with three of the original members of the Orlando
Quartet and a new cellist, Michael Müller. It seems to me that they deserve the same high qualification now,
as they play the quartets by Ravel and Debussy in a more than magnificent way. In relatively quiet tempi
every movement is built up with enormous tension. In Ravel the weight lies on the sentimental elements,
in Debussy on conflict. The technical capability of each musician is far beyond any doubt: this is very
powerful and often courageous playing. It is a difficult task to surpass the famous performance by the
Alban Berg Quartet, but this edition has every right to exist next to them. A great release!

曲目:1 String Quartet in F major - (1. Allegro moderato - Très doux) - 8:59
2 String Quartet in F major - (2. Assez vif. Très rythmé) - 6:46
3 String Quartet in F major - (3. Très lent) - 9:26
4 String Quartet in F major - (4. Vif et agité) - 5:19
5 String Quartet, L. 85 (Op. 10) - (1. Animé ét très décidé) - 6:51
6 String Quartet, L. 85 (Op. 10) - (2. Scherzo. Assez vif et bien rythmé) - 4:06
7 String Quartet, L. 85 (Op. 10) - (3. Andantino, doucement expressif) - 7:59
8 String Quartet, L. 85 (Op. 10) - (4. Très modéré - Très mouvementé - Très animé) - 7:06


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