The Shires - Accidentally On Purpose (2018) [24bit 44.1khz FLAC]

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声道: 双声道(Stereo) 
The Shires, who formed in 2013, are a UK country pop duo composed of singer-songwriters Ben Earle and Crissie Gudgin – who performs as Crissie Rhodes. They hail from the neighbouring counties of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Ben sings vocals and plays guitar and Shefford, Bedfordshire native Crissie Rhodes shares lead vocals. The duo fittingly took the band name in order to maintain a British identity and take a small part of the United Kingdom back to the United States. "Shire" is the original term for what is usually now known as an English county. After playing hardly half a dozen shows together The Shires caught the attention of Decca Records who signed them in the UK and they secured a contract with American record label Universal Music Group Nashville thus becoming the first ever UK country act to be signed to a major Nashville label.
01. The Shires - The Hard Way.flac
02. The Shires - Echo.flac
03. The Shires - Guilty.flac
04. The Shires - Sleepwalk.flac
05. The Shires - Accidentally On Purpose.flac
06. The Shires - Stay The Night.flac
07. The Shires - Ahead Of The Storm.flac
08. The Shires - Speechless.flac
09. The Shires - River Of Love.flac
10. The Shires - Strangers.flac
11. The Shires - World Without You.flac
12. The Shires - Loving You Too Long.flac


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