声道: 双声道(Stereo) 
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‘Recording in DSD’ is not a term musicians are generally familiar with. As a matter of fact, none of the musicians we asked to participate had the slightest idea what it was at first! Surprisingly, without exception, all immediately said yes and were very keen to learn about it. Especially on the recording days, March 4th and 5th 2015, they soon learned what it’s like to record acoustically in DSD: “Hey you, cellist, a little closer to the mics please” and “Could the saxophone player take two steps back and one to the right?”. With the microphones spread around above their heads and the prospect of no post recording mixing at all, the sound balancing had to be made right there and then at the recording session.
   Once the musicians and engineers were happy with the balance, the recording began. Not only audio, but also visual! Jonas Sacks filmed each take of each ensemble, dancing fluidly around the musicians. This way, when the best take was chosen, we would always have a ‘1 take’ video to go with the ‘1 take’ DSD audio!
   Seeing the expression on the faces of the musicians when they listened to themselves in DSD for the first time in the studio proved that Native DSD had organized something quite special. Most of them immediately shouted out in excitement: “We are playing right here in this room for ourselves to listen to!” A few others closed their eyes, made no sound and sat totally still apart from the occasional jaw drop.
   Well, that brings us to the point of why we did this. We are spreading the message of what the incredible DSD recording technique can deliver. At the same time, we are enriching the libraries of music fans with the music of some of the most promising Dutch musicians who would otherwise not have been recorded in DSD.
   We intent to flabbergast the musicians as well as our Native DSD customers by facilitating a one-off chance to record – and listen to them – in DSD. And who knows, perhaps the next step will be to record a complete album with the most popular ensemble? Or we can go to other places and do the same? One thing is for sure: Native DSD will keep exploring the ‘beyond’ part of our “DSD and Beyond” mission!
   We hope you will enjoy the repertoire, interpretations & audio quality of “8 Ensembles in 1 Bit” as an attempt of a holy musical trinity provided by the musicians, recording technique and your playback equipment. –The Native DSD Team
01 - Empty Space, Sans Parole.dsf
02 - Summer Rain.dsf
03 - Samba de Rei.dsf
04 - Short People.dsf
05 - Early Autumn.dsf
06 - Barcelona.dsf
07 - Sonata for violin and cello - I. Allegro.dsf
08 - Emoni Ennen.dsf
09 - Old Man River.dsf
10 - Sonata for violin and cello - II. Tres vif.dsf
11 - Quinteto Para Instrumentos de Sopro - I. Allegro.dsf
12 - Jellyfish.dsf


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Recording in DSD 好音乐。谢谢楼主!
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