声道: 双声道(Stereo) 
Universal (Japan)  UCGG-9110
Stereo Single Layer
Classical – Orchestral
Prussian and Austrian Marches
Blasorchester der Berliner Philharmoniker
Herbert von Karajan (conductor)

[初回生産限定盘] [SHM仕様]
德国进行曲集【1 SHM-SACD】

德国进行曲集是由卡拉扬与柏林爱乐乐团的铜管乐团共同录制。尊重原本质朴的声音,而不是华丽的效果和辉煌,演奏者本身包括卡拉扬,都很享受表演本身的气氛。SACD版本恢复最原始的所有30首歌曲版本,从原来的模拟录音在2017年于德国制作人Emil Berliner Studios,使用最新的日本原创项目规格DSD重制。


German March March [SHM-SACD] [First Press Limited] / Rubell von Karajan (conductor)
You can see the sound! Be active! The world’s first time I heard another dimension of quality, SA-CD ~ SHM specification. SHM material excellent in transparency / fluidity is used for the body. Furthermore, it is a pole super-class sound frequency CD series which adopted the singular layer (2 CH) method in which the characteristics of DSD coming out live. * It is a disc exclusive for SA-CD compatible players. It can not be played with a normal CD player, it is a 2ch tone generator only disc. We do not record multi-CH (surround). ■ German march music collection, which was recited together with the Berlin Phil’s wind instruments section. Respecting the fancy tone than brilliant effect and splendor, all the performers including Karajan enjoying the performance itself are coming around. It has been a while since the beginning of the nation as the country restoration in all 30 songs. From the original · analog · master of Germany · Gramophone Produced by Oda Kanagi Kagoshima Kagejo in 2017, using the latest DSD master. JAPAN SOLUTION IN JAPANESE PAPER JACKET SPECIFICATION [Performance] Berlin · Philharmonic · Brass · Orchester, Conductor:. Herbert · von · karajan recording: March 1973 Berlin, Jesus Christianity Conference

ドイツ行進曲集 [SHM-SACD] [初回生産限定] / ヘルベルト?フォン?カラヤン (指揮)
音が見える! 躍動する! 世界が初めて耳にした別次元のクオリティ、SA-CD~SHM仕様。透明性/流動性に優れるSHM素材をボディに使用。更にDSD本来の特性が生きるシングルレイヤー (2ch)方式を採り入れた究極のSuper Audio CDシリーズ。 ※SA-CD対応プレーヤー専用ディスクです。通常のCDプレーヤーで再生することはできません。2ch音源のみのディスクです。Multi-ch (サラウンド)は収録しておりません。 ■ベルリン?フィルの管楽器セクションと共に録音したドイツ行進曲集。派手な効果や華麗さよりも素朴な音色を尊重し、カラヤンも含めた演奏者全員が演奏そのものを楽しんでいる雰囲気が伝わってくる。全30曲での復刻は国内盤としては久々。ドイツ?グラモフォンのオリジナル?アナログ?マスターから独Emil Berliner Studiosにて2017年制作、最新DSDマスターを使用。日本独自企画。紙ジャケット仕様。 [演奏] ベルリン?フィルハーモニー?ブラス?オルケスター、指揮: ヘルベルト?フォン?カラヤン 録音: 1973年3月 ベルリン、イエス?キリスト教会
1. Jorg March March (Beethoven / Sade)
2. Torgauer Marching (Friedrich the Great)
3. Our Austria (SUPPE / PRICE / DO BRINGER ed.)
4. Under the flapping flag (Lindeman / Schmidt)
5. Grand Cavalry March March (Earl of Moltke)
6. Paris Entry Marching (Composer Unknown)
7. Under the Flag of the Two-Headed Eagle (J.F. Wagner / Mosheimer)
8. Our Emperor Guard (Muhlberger / Deboro / Tanza Edition)
9. Florence March (Phoebe)
10. Finnish Cavalry March March (Composer Unknown / Fict)
11. Konigs Gletz Marching (Pikeke)
12. Children of the Regiment (Fuchik / Braha Edition)
13. Vienna is Vienna (Schlumel / Schmidt Petersen) ed.
14. Crusader Knight Fanfare (Henryon / Menesque)
15. Petersburg march (unknown composer)
16. Ferberin Cavalry Marching (Henryon / Menesque)
17. Pappenheimer marching (unknown composer)
18. Hoch · und Deutsch · Meister Marching (Air Tor)
19. Vindonna Marching (Comtzark / Madder)
20. Hohenfriedberg Marching (Friedrich the Great)
21. Albrecht Grand Duke March (Comtzak / Willinger)
22. Pride of the Tyrolean Woodcutter (J.F. Wagner / Tanza Edition)
23. Glory of Prussia (Pikeke)
24. Coburg march (unknown composer)
25. Carringen’s Leader March (Seifert)
26. Bosnians (Vagnes)
27. Friedrich’s Guards Contemplation March (Radec)
28. Old friend (Taike)
29. Admission march from “Gypsy Baron” (J. Strauss)
30. Nibelunggen March (Zontak)


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